Recording Presentations

Some courses require students to record a video presentation as part of their curriculum. Use these instructions to help create your video presentation.

Using Zoom Cloud Recording

SDSU generously provides all students with the use of the Zoom web conferencing tool. This is a very convenient way to present both visual content (slides) and your face in a small corner of the screen.

  1. Start the Google Slides or PowerPoint in Presenter View
  2. Login to using your SDSUid
  3. Ensure you have entered an email address to obtain the premium features
  4. Click Host a Meeting in the top-right corner of web site
  5. Click With Video On from the drop-down menu
  6. Zoom will download if not already installed (click and run the installer)
  7. Zoom should start automatically (if preinstalled)
  8. You may need to click Join Audio and select Computer Audio
  9. Ensure the video from your webcam displays properly and you look presentable
  10. Ensure that when you speak, the mic icon in the corner shows a bouncing green indicator
  11. Click the Record button on the toolbar and choose Record to Cloud
  12. Begin speaking to your audience, introducing yourself and your topic
  13. When you wish to share slides, press the green Share button at the bottom, and choose the slide window displayed
  14. When you're finished, close Zoom to End Meeting which will stop the recording
  15. After 15-30 minutes, you will receive an email that your Cloud Recording is ready
  16. At, click on your new recording named Personal Meeting Room
  17. Click on the film strip icon to watch your video and decide if you want to keep it
  18. To delete your video, use the trash icon and start the process again
  19. If you are happy with your video, click the pencil icon and rename this recording to something more appropriate
  20. Click on the Copy shareable link button
  21. Paste the long URL into the corresponding assignment in Canvas

Using QuickTime on MacOS

You may also use QuickTime, built-in to MacOS, to record your presentation.

  1. Launch QuickTime Player from the Applications folder (or press CMD-SPACE and type in "QuickTime" and ENTER)
  2. Select the File menu, then New Movie Recording
  3. Select the View menu, then Float
  4. Resize the webcam window and place it in one of the corners of your screen
  5. Select the File menu, then New Screen Recording
  6. Click the downward triangle icon to adjust settings (if needed)
  7. Click the red recording dot icon
  8. Click-and-drag a large rectangle recording area that includes your slides and webcam
  9. Begin your presentation; everything in the rectangle will be recorded
  10. When finished, click the square icon next to the time in the top-right corner (or press CMD-CTRL-ESC) to stop the recording
  11. Watch the video and decide if you want to keep it
  12. Select the Edit menu, then Trim to remove unwanted portions from the beginning and end of the recording
  13. When satisfied, save the recording and exit QuickTime Player
  14. Upload your video to YouTube using the unlisted option (do not use the "private" option).
  15. Paste the long URL into the corresponding assignment in Canvas