Core Courses

HSEC 601: Seminar in Homeland Security FALL

HSEC 602: Homeland Security Science & Technology FALL

HSEC 603: Emergency Preparedness and Response SPRING

HSEC 604: Law, Society, and Homeland Security SPRING

HSEC 695: Practicum (Internship/Work Experience)

HSEC Electives   (choose two)

HSEC 620: Seminar in Warfare and Homeland Security

HSEC 690: Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism FALL

HSEC 690: Ideology, Discourse and Conflict FALL

HSEC 690: Critical Infrastructure Protection SPRING

HSEC 690: Intel Analysis & Data Fusion SPRING

Study Abroad

Explore HSEC aspects of countries, borders, or transportation.

HSEC 797: Study Abroad (requires health and re-patriation insurance)


HSEC 690: Variable Topics in Homeland Security

HSEC 790: Directed Readings (also for students doing Plan B)

HSEC 797: Independent Research in Homeland Security

HSEC 798: Thesis Research or Special Studies

Thesis / Project

HSEC 799A: Thesis (Plan A) (799B if more time needed)

HSEC 790: Project (Plan B) (not published in library)

Non-HSEC Electives   (choose one)

Choose any SDSU course numbered >500 -- most common below

CJ 520: Prosecutorial Function

CJ 570: Organized Crime

SOC 743: Crime and Justice Theory (also counter Human Trafficking)

GEOL 600: Seminar in Natural Disasters & Global Trade

GEOL 505: Imaging and GIS in Disaster Response

GEOL 797: Independent Research for Seismic Safety Risks

JMS 590: Crisis Communication Proj Mgmt (also, Social Media)

MIS 691: Decision Support Systems

MIS 696: Scientific Inquiry and Business Research

MIS 755: IS Security Systems

MIS 752: Global Supply Chain Management

PH 601: Epidemiology

PH 620: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

RWS 640: Research Methods in Rhetoric and Writing Studies

LATAM 550: US-Mexico Border Perspectives

Finance: Fraud Detection